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We have a mission and a vision, all which is aimed at quality services and products. Our objectives are specifically directed at ensuring that our clients get quality services. In all our testimonials, clients have come back to say how much they we satisfied by our services. In the years we have been in business, we have secured several partnerships with AC products manufactures, to ensure that we deliver top quality products.

We have a central managerial scheme for all our field operations. This helps us to keep updated with the progress of ongoing projects. We also ensure to keep communication lines opened in case of any query, service related questions, and project progress information. Following are some of the things that make us stand out among other AC repair companies.

  • Quality of services and products - we only hire the best experts in AC repair and related services. This ensures that we do not have to compromise on the quality of services offered to clients.
  • Affordability - we have been in the business long enough to understand the range of budget most of our clients can afford. We always make sure to assess the market trends first, to make sure that our price quote falls within the expected amounts.

We are here to help you in all type of AC services.

We provide all commercial and residential cooling services.


We service, install, repair and fix all makes and models of air conditioning units.


We offers a complete line up of seasonal tuneups and safety inspections for AC systems.

  • Reliability - we never fail to show up when we receive a call from our clients. Our teams of experts can handle any type of AC repairs and installation. Whether you are using an old AC technology or a new one, we have a solution and will offer it promptly.
  • Team work - from top management to the ground field work teams, our company operates as a team. This helps us deliver quickly and make communication possible.

​If you have any AC related repair or installation need, we are the company for you. We will deliver the project in time and within the agreed budget limit. We also follow up on the progress of our services and equipment, so you do not need to worry about products that won’t last for the expected duration.