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Our company has constantly appeared in the list of best AC repair companies. This is because of the fact that we not only value our clients but also dedicate our time and resources to improve our services. We have been in the AC repair and installations for a long period. You can trust us to take care of any AC repair. We offer a wide range of all HVAC related services. After years of service and operation, we have ensured that our services are not only high quality but also satisfying to our clients. In most cases, our team of specialists predicts the cause of a certain malfunction by just listening to clients. It is very advisable to always talk to a specialist before going for a new system altogether. You can find that the problem is being caused by a small malfunction. Here are the services we offer:

System installations and product replacements

Our service pack includes installing new HVAC systems from scratch or replacing old ones. Whatever you require, we will deliver and in time. We also have flexible budgets to cater for all our clients. Our team uses certified equipment to make sure that your AC systems are working as expected. We follow strictly the rules offered by manufactures in installation manuals.

Air ducts cleaning

Air ducts delivering fresh air from the air handler into your house sometimes get stuffed and clogged in dust. We will help clean the air ducts to your house. This helps reduce the amount stuffy air entering your room. It also brings in a lot of fresh air which leaves your room well aerated. Call us and get clogged and dirty air ducts cleaned up instantly.

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Quality AC Services

We are offering the best quality services to our customers. Our aim is to maintain the quality of product that we offer to our customers.

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AC equipment Supply

After having assessed our client's needs, we advise on the available options. We then supply any AC repair related equipment for the project at hand. If you are having a broken heater, any malfunctioning cooling system, broken fans and air ducts, we will supply you with the necessary equipment for repair. If hired, we will then move to do the installation for the equipment and maintain regular maintenance services.

Warranty services

We are confident in the quality of our products and services. Therefore, we offer warranty services to our clients. This assures that our clients can always feel safe when and after hiring our products and services.

Indoor air supply services

We ensure that your house is kept well aerated and fresh. We achieve this by employing the services of air handlers and air filters. We also install poison gas detectors, like carbon monoxide detectors. This helps keep your family safe from unexpected cases of poison gas.

​Our clients can always contact us on any day and any time. We keep our communication lines open, ready to give the required service to our clients. This has helped us become and remain the most royal and trusted AC repair company.